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6-14-23 Rockville City Meeting

1. Call to Order Roll Call – BH,JT,DW,BS,JH

2. Recess to Workshop

Workshop Agenda

a) Charitable Gambling -Holly’s Lake Side Grill

b) Rockville Fire Relief – Retirement

c) Amending Internal Control Policy 34

d) Employee Policy Manual – Holiday Juneteenth 42

e) Complaint 125 Broadway Street 65

f) Update Lake Road

g) 4th Street Drainage

h) Purchase a mower 59-60

i) City Administrator (Finalist) background screening process

j) Public Comment (3-minute time limit - no sharing/allotting of minutes)

Reconvene Council Meeting 6:00 p.m.

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – (Silence Electronic Devices)

5. Additions/Approval of Agenda

6. Resolution 2023-18 Acceptance of May 2023 Donation CA 3

7. Approval of May 2023 Bills Paid - (note any conflict-of-interest bills) CA 4-21

8. Consent Agenda (approved with one motion) CA 22-42

a) Approval Rockville City Council Minutes of May 03, & May 10 2023

b) Acknowledge May 2023 Building Permits

c) Acknowledge May 2023 Sheriff’s Contract Report

d) Acknowledge January - May month-end reconciliation

e) Approval of Pyrotechnic Display Inc. / Pleasant Lake Fireworks Permit July 3rd, 2023

f) Approval of Monday Pyrotechnic Inc. / Grand Lake Fireworks Permit July 4th, 2023

g) Approval Amending Internal Control Policy

h) Amending Employee Policy Manual – Holiday Juneteenth June 19th

9. Public Hearing - Ordinance 2023-122 Amendments 2023 MN Basic Code CA 43

10. PIP Bond- Jason Murray CA

1. Resolution 2023-19 Resolution Providing for the Issuance, Sale and Delivery of

General Obligation Utility Revenue Bonds, Series 21023A (PIP Lift Station)

11. Department Reports

a) Engineer – Justin Kannas

1. PIP Lift station update

2. PIP manhole rehab CA 47

3. Repair Lift stations -State funding $1,201,000

b) Planning Commission -Chair Becker CA 48-55

1. Stommes CUP- Auto Body Repair Shop

2. Resolution 2023-20 Approving of a CUP application and Finding of Facts

3. Moved July 5th Planning Commission Meeting to July 10th

c) Public Works – CA 56-57

1. Resolution 2023-21 Accepting Gravel Quote – 93rd Ave, 73rd Ave, 227th St, 80th Ave &

123rd turn around

d) Finance Committee Report -Member Tippelt CA

1. Rockville Fire Relief -Retirement increase

2. Approval short fall 2023 Municipal Contribution Rockville Fire Relief Pension 58

3. Purchase a mower 59-60

4. Schedule Public Hearing Utility Rates]

e) Park & Recreation Report- Member Heying 61

f) Human Resource Report- Member Stanger CA

1. Billing Clerk/ Administrative Asst -Wage & update Compensation Rate Report

2. Reviewed City Administrator applicants

g) Rocori Trail (RTCB)-Mayor Willenbring CA 62-64

1. RTCB Grand Opening June 17th

2. Resolution 2023-22 Declaring Support for Completion of Glacial Lake Trail

12. Action Items CA 65

1. Abatement hearing Nuisance violation

13. Other

14. Adjourn

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