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10-26-22 Rockville City Meeting

1. Call to Order Roll Call – BS.BH.BB.JT.DW.

2. Roll Call – (Silence Electronic Devices)

3. Additions/Approval of Agenda

4. Action Items

a) David Drown Associates, Liza Donabauer, Management Consultant

1. Draft Position Profile: Review and Approve

2. Salary Information: Review, Determine Range and Approve

3. Job Description: Review and Approve

4. Search Timeline: Review and Approve

5. Any Questions for the Council

5. Other

a) Halfman Road - Driveway Access Off Easement

6. Closed Meeting - Per State Statute 13D.05 subd. 2 (b)


a) Summarize Closed Session

b) Council Action

7. Adjourn

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