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08-10-22 Rockville City Meeting

We apologize, the first 15 minutes of the meeting were not recorded.

1. Call to Order Roll Call – BB.JT.DW.BS.BH

2. Recess to Workshop Workshop Agenda a) Sewer Lift Station 156 b) Coldspring Quarry 1 (Downtown) 2 c) Legatt Concern/Complaint d) City Fee Schedule-Jerry Fire Billing 77 e) Public Comment (3-minute time limit - no sharing/allotting of minutes) Reconvene Council Meeting 6:00 p.m.

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – (Silence Electronic Devices)

5. Additions/Approval of Agenda CA

6. Approval of July 2022 Bills Paid - (note any conflict-of-interest bills) CA 87

7. Consent Agenda (approved with one motion) CA a) Approval Rockville City Council Minutes of July 13 and July 21, 2022 113 b) Acknowledge July 2022 Building Permits c) Acknowledge July Sheriff’s Report 120

8. Department Reports a) Sheriff’s Report – Lt. Shawn Widmer b) Legal 1. Resolution2022-39 Joint Powers Agreement CA 137 c) Engineering CA156 1. Resolution 2022-40 Consideration of Bids and Award of Contract: Prairie Industrial Park Lift Station Rehabilitation Project 2. Resolution 2022-41 Consideration of Bids and Award of Contract: Grand, Pleasant & Voight Lift Station Rehabilitation Project

9. Action Items a) Council Action Worksheet, Appropriations, Allocations and Transfers b) Inspectron Building Services Contract CA 162 c) Senator Jeff Howe LMC 2022 Legislator of Distinction 172

10. Other – Reminder November Council Meeting, 10th, 2022 (canvas elections)

11. Adjourn

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