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08-09-23 Rockville City Meeting

1. Call to Order Roll Call –DW,BS,JH,BH, JT

2. Recess to Workshop

Workshop Agenda

a) Hwy 23 Petition - Matt Johnson

b) Compensation for the hiring process-Member Herberg

c) Loader/Truck

d) Update on Cross walk-Bil Becker

e) Cannabis Law-Bill Becker

f) Hubert Lane -Bill Becker

g) MN Association of Small Cities dues-Mayor Willenbring 2

Public Comment (3-minute time limit – no sharing/allotting of minutes)

Reconvene Council Meeting 6:30 p.m. (Note time change)

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – (Silence Electronic Devices)

5. Additions/Approval of Agenda

6. Approval of July 2023 Bills Paid - (note any conflict-of-interest bills) CA 3-24

7. Consent Agenda (approved with one motion) CA 25-49

a) Approval Rockville City Council Minutes for July 12, 2023

b) Acknowledge July 2023 Building Permits

c) Acknowledge July 2023 Sheriff’s Contract Report

d) Acknowledge June & July Month-end reconciliation

8. Public Hearing – Ordinance 2023-124 Amending Fees and Charges City Water Fees CA 50

9. Department Reports CA

a) Fire Department – Rodney Schaefer

b) Engineer -Justin Kannas

c) Finance Committee Report -Member Tippelt

d) Public Works –

e) Park & Recreation Report- Member Heying

f) Human Resource Report- Member Stanger

10. Action Items

11. Other

12. Adjourn

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