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06-08-22 Rockville City Meeting

1. Call to Order Roll Call – BS.BH.BB.JT.DW.

2. Recess to Workshop

Workshop Agenda

a) Fire Relief Association Retirement

b) Hilltop Woods Development/John Lutgen – Road Approval Request

c) Sewer Lift Stations

d) Pleasant Road Culvert

e) Brentwood Hills 2nd Addition Wetland

f) Native Landscape

g) 2022 Seal Coat

h) Public Comment (3-minute time limit - no sharing/allotting of minutes)

Reconvene Council Meeting 6:00 p.m.

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call – (Silence Electronic Devices)

5. Additions/Approval of Agenda CA 1

6. Resolution 2022-29 Acceptance of May 2022 Donations CA 2

7. Approval of May 2022 Bills Paid - (note any conflict-of-interest bills) CA 3

8. Consent Agenda (approved with one motion) CA

a) Approval Rockville City Council Minutes of May 11 and May 25, 2022

b) Approve of Year End/Audit 2021 Journal Entries

c) Acknowledge May 2022 Building Permits

d) Acknowledge Sheriff’s Report

e) Resolution 2022-30 Appointment of 2022 Election Judges

f) Resolution 2022-31 Additional New 2022-2023 Liquor License

9. 2021 Audit Report -BerganKDV, Janel Bitzan CA

a) Resolution 2022-32 Acceptance of Year End 2021 Audit Report

10. Department Reports

a) Planning Commission – Chairmen Becker

1. Resolution 2022-33 Jeff Reiter dba Custom Properties – Qualified Minor Subdivision

2. Resolution 2022-34 Glenn Family Trust – Preliminary Plat

b) Legal-Quit Claim Deed

c) Engineering

1. Resolution 2022-35 Knife River 2021-2022 Street Project Pay Request No. 2

2. 2022 Seal Coat

d) Public Works

11. Administration

a) Rockville Codification Proposal Update

12. Action Items CA

a) Council Action Worksheet, Appropriations, Allocations and Transfers

13. Other – Approve Moving Council Meeting from August 10

14. Adjourn

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