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03-01-23 Richmond City Council Meeting

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

1. Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance (Roll Call) Jim- Tim -Pat-Chuck

2. Open Public Forum (Those interested in addressing Council whom did not previously request to be on

the agenda may address Council for up to 3 minutes. If action is requested, it will be considered at a later

Council Meeting.)

3. Approval of Agenda with any additions/deletion

4. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of February 1 and February 16, 2023

5. Approval of Bills Paid

6. Consent Agenda (approved by one motion)

a. Resolution 113-23: Approval of February 2023 Journal Entries

b. Resolution 114-23: Approval of February 2023 Donations

c. Resolution 115-23: Authorization for Minnesota Lawful Gambling LG220 Exempt Permit

for River Lakes Hockey Assn. on April 15, 2023

d. Resolution 116-23: Authorization of LG555 Government Approval or Acknowledgement for

Use of Gambling Funds from Richmond Lions in the amount of $6172.04.

7. Inspectron Update – Mike Wallen

8. Department Reports

a. Police Department

b. Fire Department

c. Emergency Management

d. Public Works

e. PeopleService

f. Administrator Report

9. Council Reports

a. EDA- Next Meeting: March 21, 2023

b. Planning Commission- Next Meeting: March 23, 2023

c. Rocori Trail- Next Meeting: March 2, 2023

10. Next Council Meeting: March 16, 2023 Workshop at 6:30 p.m.

11. Other Matters

12. Adjournment

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