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Tricity Cable got a new name! Welcome ROCORI Area TV

We're updating our brand. New name, improved logo, font, colors. From our unofficial name around town "Channel 10" to the fresh and growing brand you have come to know over the last year "Tricity Cable" we have decided to evolve one more time. We will now be known as ROCORI Area TV.

ROCORI Area TV has become a community source where people come to be entertained, keep an eye on local politics, find the lasted local events / news, and watch the ROCORI Spartan's games. We felt that ROCORI Area TV better represented what we are, where we are located, and the community we serve.

We have many big plans for the upcoming months! Stay tuned, and don't hesitate to reach out with any feedback, questions, news stories, content ideas, events you know about etc.

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