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Support Rocori Special Olympics with a Polar Plunge!

The Stearns County Area Plunge is an annual event that helps support our local Rocori Spartans Special Olympics. The Stearns County Area Plunge will take place on Saturday, February 17th, in Avon - at Fisher's Club on Middle Spunk Lake.   There are opportunities to help by joining the fun and jumping in, or by donating! Either way, please use the link below to directly register or support our local ROCORI Special Olympics team.  Any cash donations can go directly to the building reps listed below. Shelly Hoyt Says "These athletes, their families, and the organization are worth every cent.  Thank you for your consideration. I have personally witnessed Special Olympics change lives."

"We have an active Special Olympics team here in ROCORI that you may not even be aware of. Athletes from elementary age through adult are teaming up for valuable social experiences, life-long skills, and great memories. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, or for volunteer opportunities, please contact Nancy Schwindel or myself!"

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