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Red Truck Ice Cream comes to Cold Spring MN!

Cold Spring's newest business Red Truck Ice Cream, is a quaint fun ice cream shop with a wide variety of products located conveniently across from the splash pad & park in a 130 year old history steeped building.

16 years ago when Julie and Bob Sabo first moved to Cold Spring, they drove past this old empty building, and Julie told Bob "Some day, we are going to own that building". That dream finally came true for them, and we are so happy it did!

Red Truck Ice Cream, Cold Spring MN

A little history of 113 Main Street

The Red Truck Ice Cream building was constructed in 1893. It was first used as a furniture store. Then it became Svihel Hardware, then it was a bike shop before finally being left empty until now becoming home to Cold Spring's Ice Cream shop. After taking down some peg board, the Sabo's discovered that someone had written 3 of the WWII draft dates on the wall. You can see it for yourself framed in the back of the store. The Sabo's are committed to honoring those that served, as well as preserving and spreading the history of their building. During renovations they found papers dated from 1902 - 1906 as well as post cards addressed to Mr Goering, you can view these as well.

The Challenges

When Bob and Julie purchased this property there was no water hooked up, no electricity, and no HVAC, lets just say it was huge project to bring this vision to life. After taking ownership of the building they discovered a leak in the roof, and a very un-level floor. It turns out that the center of the floor was resting on solid rock, and the sides slowly sank over time till they were almost 6" lower than the center. This is all without mentioning the walls, sanding, painting, windows, and myriad of other things required to update an old structure. Thankfully some local organizations were able to offer or connect them with some grants to help ease the burden of funding this project.

Image Credit "Red Truck Ice Cream Facebook"


Red Truck Ice Cream is a family business, but they are bringing some jobs to the community. If you or someone you know is looking for a seasonal job Spring & Summer then don't hesitate to reach out to them! They are willing to working around school and other activities. Hours vary from 12:00pm - 9:00pm.

Finally Open!

As of May 3rd 2023 Red Truck Ice Cream is officially open for business! Come by check them out, grab some delicious ice cream, hang out with friends, get some work done in the parlor, chat about history etc. Visit them in person at 113 Main Street, Cold Spring, MN 56320 Or online at

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