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New Stearns County Park Coming to Cold Spring?

Stearns County is advancing its plans to acquire a 253.11 acre tract of land located south of Cold Spring along the Chain of Lakes. The new park is expected to have far-reaching benefits for the surrounding community, including an increase in visitors from other regions, leading to a boost in local commerce. The park will offer a wide range of amenities, including:

  • Campsites

  • Public hunting grounds

  • Hiking and walking trails

  • 5400' of additional public waterfront access

  • Colonial waterbird nesting areas

  • Kinzer Creek - Designated trout stream

  • Tamarack Bog

  • A new boat launch for the public

  • Additional picnic areas for the community

These additions will enhance recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors, making the ROCORI area even more appealing and providing even more reasons to stay and explore the area.

Please note that this project is in the planning phase and everything at this point is subject to change.

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