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Munson Township to BAN all Vacation rentals!

"Munson Township is trying to pass a ban or to prohibit current and future short term vacation rentals in the Township.

I believe this will have a negative effect on the Township, the City of Richmond, and many small businesses in the area as we depend on tourism and need options for folks to stay when they visit the lakes.

Stearns County already has a very rigorous process in place in order for short term rentals to be licensed:

Further restrictions will deter new businesses, residents who wish to rent out their homes, and most importantly tourists who wish to stay on the lake and having their own space to come to our community.

Please come to the meeting on Thursday February 2nd at 8pm at the Township Hall to voice your opinion on the matter. By not properly notifying the public, I believe the Township and the Township Board is doing a disservice to the residents and business owners in the area."

Says - David Aase If you live in the township and have strong beliefs about the future of tourism in the community, you probably want to make it to the meeting on Thursday.

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