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06-20-22 ROCORI School Board Meeting

  1. CALL TO ORDER Bohnsack, Habben, Hesse, Hentges, Schurman, and Wesenberg.

  2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE The School Board Chair will lead the school board and attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Board action to approve the agenda for the meeting is expected.

  4. CONSENT ITEMS Action is requested on the following items of the consent agenda. Consent agenda items are typically adopted without discussion of the individual items because they are routine or ordinary in action. Any consent agenda item may be removed for further discussion and deliberation by any member of the board.

    1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES The minutes from the Regular Board, Work Session meeting held on June 6, 2022. Recommend approval of the minutes from the meetings.

    2. APPROVAL OF BILLS Treasurer Hentges will have been at the school site to review bills, ask questions, and confirm information prior to the meeting. Recommendation is to approve the bill payment of $6,624,039.96 subject to any adjustments or direction offered by the Treasurer.

    3. TREASURER REPORT Treasurer Hentges will have reviewed financial information for the board. This information is included in the Treasurer's Report.

    4. EMPLOYMENT Recommend approval of the assignment as outlined.

      1. ROCORI Secondary-EL teacher: David Langerud

      2. ROCORI Middle School-Social Studies LTS teacher: Logan Payne effective from August 29, 2022-January 23, 2023

      3. ROCORI Secondary-Math teacher: Chris Zabinski

      4. Richmond Elementary Principal/District Curriculum Director: Mary Holmberg

      5. District Education Facility-School Readiness teacher: Hannah Carey increased to 0.88 FTE due to additional preschool class

      6. District Education Facility-Paraprofessional: Rebecca Faber increase of 3.25 hours to 32.5 hours/week total due to class increase

      7. District Education Facility-Paraprofessional: Cecilia Lopez increase up to 6 hours to a total of 12 hours due to ECSE need

  1. RETIREMENTS-RESIGNATIONS Recommend approval of the following resignations and/or retirements.

    1. Resignation-ROCORI Secondary-Paraprofessional: Kristin Witte effective June 8, 2022

    2. Retirement-ROCORI Activities Department-Administrative Assistant: Jane Wahlin effective June 10, 2022.

    3. Resignation-ROCORI Secondary-Special Education Intervention teacher: Chris Wander effective June 15, 2022

  1. MEDICAL LEAVE OF ABSENCE REQUEST Recommendation: Approve the medical leave of absence request as requested.

    1. ROCORI Secondary-Agriculture teacher: Tamara Berger requesting leave from approximately October 27, 2022 through January 2, 2022. An anticipated return date of January 3, 2022.

  1. POLICIES The following policies have been discussed in the policy committee. It is being presented for final reading and call for public comment. 7-5: Tobacco-Free Environment; Possession and Use of Tobacco, Tobacco-related Devices, and Electronic Delivery Devices 9-9: Weapons Policy Recommendation: Approve the policies as presented.

  2. DISTRICT VEHICLE PURCHASE Recommendation: Approve the vehicle purchase at Schwieters Chevrolet

  1. ACTION ITEMS Action items receive individual attention because of the nature of the issues, the need to discuss or review the information prior to taking action, or the specific kind of action required for the item.

    1. APPROVAL OF PAYMENT TO COLD SPRING BAKERY Payment to Cold Spring Bakery Check #2053 in the amount of $119.98 Payment to Cold Spring Bakery Check #109085 in the amount of $90.49 Recommendation: Approve the Cold Spring Bakery Payments totaling $210.47 as presented.

    2. RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING FILING DATES Part of the election timelines has the district passing a resolution establishing the candidate filing dates based on the dates set by the MN Secretary of State. The district is required to publish notice of the filing dates for two weeks with the last date possible being July 23, 2022. Recommend approval of the resolution to establish candidate filing dates as presented.

    3. MOU TO THE MASTER AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 750 AND EDUCATION MINNESOTA-ROCORI This has been reviewed by the Negotiations Committee Recommendation: Approve the MOU as presented.

    4. REVISED BUDGET FOR FY22 The revised budget was reviewed and discussed at the June 6, 2022 Work Session. Recommendation: Approve the budget as presented

    5. PROPOSED BUDGET FOR FY23 The proposed budget was reviewed and discussed at the June 6, 2022 Work Session. Recommendation: Approve the budget as presented.

    6. 2021 CENSUS NUMBER The District’s Community Education Levy is currently based off the 2020 Federal Census Count, which is 12,799. The 2021 Census number has increased to 12,905. Per Minnesota Statutes, section 275.14 the District may submit an update of its resident population estimate to the state demographer for approval. A population estimate update will not affect the 2022 Payable 2023 levy unless it is adopted by a board resolution by July 1, and submitted to the state demographer no later than July 1, 2022. Recommendation: Endorse the population resolution provided.

  1. DISCUSSION ITEMS Discussion items receive individual attention because of the nature of the issues and the need for introductory or other discussion in order to review the information prior to taking action. This is also the agenda location for items which simply need school board review, but no formal action on the item is required. Discussion items will typically return to the agenda at a future point for more specific action.


    2. STUDENT HANDBOOK 2022-2023 The following attachments are two options for review for K-12

    3. POLICIES The following policies have been discussed in the policy committee. It is being presented for a second reading and call for public comment.

      1. 9-1: Behavior at Activities

      2. 9-2: Search of Student Lockers

      3. 9-3: Open Enrollment Policy

      4. 9-15: Protection and Privacy of Student Records


    1. SUPERINTENDENT REPORT The Acting Superintendent will make his report about ROCORI Public Schools.

      1. BUDGET COMPARISON REPORT MAY 2022 The business office provides an update of district expenditures and revenues through the Budget Comparison report. The report is intended to provide a financial picture of the district in a couple ways. One is to compare current year expenditures to the previous year. The second is to simply give a report on the current financial status. In addition to the report, special items of note are highlighted in the explanations offered. This report does not require formal action but is provided as an informational item.

  1. BOARD COMMITTEE AND REPRESENTATIVE REPORTS Board members will report on activities within their portfolio of committee and representative assignments.

  2. ACTIVITIES REPORT Director of Activities Baumgarten presented the activities report for Spring 2022

  1. COMMENTS AND REQUESTS FROM VISITORS The agenda is open to visitors of the meeting to offer comments to and/or requests of the school board. The comments and requests should follow the adopted district guidelines which are printed and available at the meeting. As a general rule, items introduced in the opportunity for comments and requests do not receive action from the School Board, but are taken under advisement or consideration for future action.

  2. UPCOMING EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES A calendar of upcoming issues of concern to the school board is included as part of the agenda.


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